The Showbox Download is an Android based application that offers users the ability to watch FREE movies and television shows on demand. The Showbox App Download includes one of the largest collections of movies and television shows in high definition quality. The Showbox app is 100% free and can be downloaded on any Android, Windows, or Apple device.

The Showbox App cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is only available for download HERE. To download a copy of the most recent version of the Showbox TV app click HERE.



Showbox allows you to filter the entire collection only to Movies so you can find easier the titles and genres you prefer.


Showbox just keeps getting better and better. With the new version of Showbox you get notifications of any new episodes of your favorite TV series without worrying about it, and the program updates itself.


A folder where you will be able to keep track of all Movies and TV Shows that you have already downloaded.

showbox app

Tv Shows

If you have your eyes and mind set on TV Shows then you are just one click away from searching only among the TV Shows titles.


With this feature you just need to start typing the Movie title you are searching for and the system will do the rest and help you by narrowing the entire collection according to your search keywords.


Make your own collection of Movies and TV Shows where you will be able to have all of your favorite in one place for even faster and easier access.

Showbox Download Specs

The Showbox Application is very versatile and can be downloaded and operated on almost all Android devices. To download the Showbox App and have it run properly you will need the following specs on your device:

  • Android 4.0 or Above

  • Minimum of 1GB of RAM; and

  • Internet speed of 5.0mbs or above

At this time the Showbox App is only designed to operate on Android devices. However, there are ways to install and use the Showbox App on Apple, iOS, and Windows devices. To do so, you will need an Android Emulator the will allow you to run APK applications. For emulators we recommend that you use Bluestacks or Manymo.

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