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The Best Way To Watch TV Shows and Movies (Showbox App)

Many people claim Netflix and Hulu to be the best television and movie steaming services ever made; but those people really need to check out the Showbox App.  The Showbox App is a free android application that allows users to watch any television (TV) show or movie ever made. Although Showbox is an Android application it can be downloaded and installed also on Apple (iSO) and Windows devices.

Showbox App Video Quality

The video quality produced by the Show Box App is Amazing. For a free application most people expect subpar quality. This is not the case with Showbox. When users download the Showbox app on their devices, you have the option to choose between standard definition, medium quality, and high quality (1080p) video output.

Showbox App Ease of Use

Out of the many media streaming application that we have tested, the Showbox app is still our number one in respect to ease of use and the user interface design.  Once users download the Showbox app on their devices getting started is a breeze.

Users will arrive at a home screen that allows you to search between movie and television shows. In addition to this, users are also able to search by name through a top menu search bar and filter content by genre, date, and more.

For anyone using a touch screen device (iPhone, pad, blackberry, Google, ASUS, and any other phone) get ready for a great user experience. The Showbox app has been designed to excel with touch screen devices. Navigating through the app and finding what you want to watch is super easy.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the Showbox streaming application is one of the best free streaming applications we have ever tested and used. To download the Showbox App please click HERE or navigate to our Home page for a free DOWNLOAD. Once you start using the Showbox App, you will find yourself watching television shows and movies all day! Download your FREE copy of the Showbox App today.

To download the newest version of the Showbox App (Version 4.94) click HERE.



Showbox App

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Showbox allows you to filter the entire collection only to Movies so you can find easier the titles and genres you prefer.

Tv Shows

If you have your eyes and mind set on TV Shows then you are just one click away from searching only among the TV Shows titles.


With the new version of Showbox you get notifications of new episodes of your favorite TV series and movies, and the program updates itself.



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