Mobdro Live TV Application (Version 2.0.48)

If you are looking for a live tv application, you should check out the Mobdro Live TV App. Mobdro is a free android application that can be downloaded onto any android device similar to the Showbx app. With Mobdro, users are able to search for their favorite television channels and watch them live.

The Mobdro application provides users with a simple to navigate user interface and user platform. The home screen includes large icons and a friendly design. While navigating through the Mobdro application there are literally thousands of live television channels to choose from. Most of the channels are is high quality and have minimal buffering issues unlike other live tv applications.

With Mobdro the Mobdro application, the creators recognize that their users are located around the world. In return they provide users with the ability to filter channels based on geographical location and language.

Overall the Mobdro application is a must have. Users are able to watch live tv streams from around the worlds and there is no cost to use the free version of the application. There is a paid version of the Mobdro application with allows users to set timers and download content.

Anyone interested in downloading the free Mobdro live tv application can do so by clicking HERE, or by going to

Mobdro Live TV Application


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